Prison Overcrowding

Nebraska's prisons have been overcrowded for decades, leading to increased numbers of violent incidents and even deaths.  Some facilities are 350% overcrowded.  Current proposed solutions include spending $26 million to add additional beds, while there are common-sense solutions to drastically reduce the number of incarcerated persons instead.

50% of Nebraska prisoners are serving time for non-violent offenses.  Offering alternatives to incarceration and releasing non-violent offenders into productive re-entry programs can reduce this overcrowding and help the system focus on the treatment, reform, and education needed to reduce recidivism.

Vocational & Life Skills Training

Re-entry programs that provide vocational and life skills training to inmates are showing positive results and highlight the successes that occur when state government partners with other local institutions. When participants of these programs believe they have the opportunity to be successful upon their release, they are more likely to gain and maintain employment.

Supporting research initiatives and implementing programs, like those being explored by the Nebraska Center for Justice Research, will provide cost-effective and humane solutions. An investment in these programs benefits Nebraska's children, families, and the economy.