Closing the Gap

Nebraskan women earn 79 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to a wage gap of over $9,000.  The wage gap is even larger for women of color, and the problem extends across the entire state.  This amounts to $3 billion dollars of annual savings and spending that would support our State's economy.

Federal legislation doesn't do enough. It's time for Nebraska to step up and be a leader for our country.  The Nebraska Legislature needs to send a clear message that women deserve equal pay.  In addition, our mothers need paid maternity leave and affordable, quality child care.  Let's support women in male-dominated fields and make sure they are being hired and promoted at all levels.

Union Support

For decades, unions have fought to deliver economic and civil rights to not only the laborers within their organizations but to workers throughout every region and industry. Our economy does better when dollars go back into the pockets of wage earners. There is a direct line from decreased union participation and the hollowing out of the middle class. 

Union participation has declined for a number of reasons, which should concern all of us. Unions bring meaningful democracy into the workplace and help level the playing field between employers and employees.  We must encourage young Nebraskans to take up the cause and continue this proud tradition of equality and inclusion, while protecting their right to fight for Nebraska's workers.

Keeping and Attracting Talent

In 2016, Nebraska lost 2,000 more college-educated people than it attracted.  Our impressive public colleges and universities provide exemplary educational programs, but we lose too many of those graduates to coastal and southern states.  We are essentially subsidizing educational costs and strengthening economies other than our own.  Despite our low cost of living, quality schools, recreational activities, and more, Nebraska still has problems attracting and retaining talented workers.

Jackie understand both sides of the issue as someone who moved away from Omaha and came back.  She knows why talented people leave and how to attract them.

We must continue the growth of the Silicon Prairie by attracting young residents through urban development initiatives. Encouraging businesses to offer top-notch internships and post-graduate employment will help keep and grow our talent pool. Most importantly, we must deliver the message that Nebraska welcomes everyone.  Nebraskans are more than just nice.  We're inclusive, ambitious, visionary, and ready for the future.