Climate Change

Climate change is occurring.  We need our state leaders to accept the facts about climate change and start working together on solutions.  Big problems can lead to big opportunities, and Nebraska has the chance to be a leader in this fight.

By embracing renewable sources of energy like wind and solar, we can slow climate change while creating jobs.  Solar power is currently a very small percentage of our state's electricity, and we trail most other states. Decreasing solar costs is making this a more viable option, and we should do everything we can legislatively to encourage our residents to explore clean energy and energy efficient options.

Pollution knows no boundaries.  We must be good neighbors and demand that our neighboring states are good to us in return.

Air & Water

Areas of our community are seeing higher incidences of asthma attacks, heart attacks and premature deaths associated with greater levels of air pollution.  In low-income neighborhoods the asthma rate is twice the national average.

Nebraskans are heavily reliant on groundwater, and we need to protect it. Aquifer levels are declining as the chance of a drought increases. Reactive solutions are not enough.  A combination of community education and lawmaker accountability will help us combat issues of pollution and conservation.