Currently, 1 in 8 Nebraskans are covered by Medicaid. Cuts to Medicaid will impact our most vulnerable friends, family, and neighbors - poor and disabled children, adults with disabilities, and nursing home residents.  Those most in need will have their benefits taken away so the wealthy can enjoy even more tax breaks.

We should not only work to protect Medicaid but should continue previously stalled efforts to expand it.  Block grants and high-risk pools will not offer the resources needed to ensure affordable, quality care to Medicaid recipients. She is prepared to be a voice for the Nebraskans who need it most.

Pre-existing Conditions

Jackie has a pre-existing condition, through no fault of her own, and she remembers what this meant in a pre-ACA world. Through her work at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, she saw first-hand how chronic illness impacts children and their families. We should all have a vested interest in protecting the most vulnerable among us. 

Removing protections for people with pre-existing conditions will drive up costs and weaken benefits offered by insurers.  Protections for people with pre-existing conditions are under attack. No one should worry that an illness, current or future, will stop them from being insured.

Employer Sponsored Plans: Yes! You, too!

The proposed plans by Congress may result in the following:

  • Elimination of Essential Health Benefits
  • Re-institution of annual and lifetime caps,
  • Elimination of annual out-of-pocket spending limits
  • Removal of protections for reproductive health services, and...
  • Elimination of requirements for businesses to provide health insurance to their employees.

Access to affordable healthcare impacts everyone, not just the young, the poor, the elderly, or the disabled. Employers and residents of Nebraska should all be concerned about the future of our healthcare options.

Jackie will fight to protect meaningful health insurance standards so you are covered when you need it most.