We face many great challenges.
With those challenges come great opportunities.

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The healthcare bills proposed by House and Senate Republicans will kick millions of Americans and thousands of Nebraskans off health insurance. Nebraska leadership must send a message that this is unacceptable and must also ensure that the state is prepared to help the most vulnerable members of our community. If we are constantly living in fear of becoming sick or worrying about how we will receive the care we need right now, we can never reach our full potential as healthy and productive individuals.


LGBTQ Rights

Over 50,000 Nebraskans identify as LGBTQ, but we fail to provide basic protections against discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, school bullying, education, and transgender healthcare. Anti-equality agendas from across the country are threatening our LGBTQ neighbors, and Nebraska must take a stand and let its residents know that ALL Nebraskans are valued and protected members of our community.


Economic Development

Though our economy is going well, there are many problems we need to address. Women continue to make less money than men for equal work. Union participation is declining, and we are losing some of our most talented workers to other states. Our economy is truly successful when everyone has a place within it, and we must work together to ensure that everyone has a way to participate in it.



As Nebraskans, we can be proud of our schools. However, there are many children who still do not receive the education they deserve. Education inequality can be prevented, but we must work together to close the ever-growing achievement gap that exists between low and high income families. If we want top-notch, 21st century schools, we must hold our school system accountable to 21st century standards. In addition to teaching the fundamentals, our public schools must also incorporate comprehensive sex education curriculum that counters the misinformation our children receive outside of school.



Climate change is happening, and we must act now to stop it. Nebraska has a unique opportunity to become a leader in renewable resources. We must continue to expand our wind power infrastructure and start capitalizing on our solar capabilities. Investing in renewable resources will not only make for a healthier environment, it will also create jobs! And, pollution knows no boundaries. Therefore, we must be good neighbors to those around us and demand that our neighbors do the same.


Criminal Justice Reform

Nebraska's prison are overcrowded and understaffed, leading to unsafe and often violent conditions. Spending millions of dollars to add additional beds is not the answer. Fifty percent of incarcerated individuals are nonviolent offenders who should be released in re-entry programs that promote life skills and vocational training. Nebraska must also address the economic and racial disparities that occur within the system.