There are over 50,000 Nebraskans who identify as LGBTQ. Yet, Nebraska still lacks important laws to protect these neighbors from discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, and education.

Healthcare for LGBTQ individuals is also under attack.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made health coverage a reality for the first time.  Before ACA's changes, LGBTQ people experienced discrimination of coverage denials.  Many people living with HIV/AIDS struggled to afford lifesaving medications, and transgender people were often denied care. Repealing ACA is catastrophic for our LGBTQ friends and family.

Nebraska needs to protect everyone in the state by passing vital legislation that lets our LGBTQ neighbors know that they are respected and valued.

Harassment & Bullying

Nebraska must provide stronger protections for young LGBTQ students in our schools, including transgender or gender nonconforming students.  

Clear state-wide deadlines for reporting and investigating incidents of bullying must be established.  Strengthened suicide-prevention training for teachers and other service providers along with counseling and intervention services will help keep children safe and active participants in their education.